Welcome to our world of learning!

Cloud Islands—contributing to the school of the future! The motivational online game that sets out to integrate and inspire, and to include students with special needs.

A floating island full of adventure

Cloud Islands lets students create their own avatars and embark on an adventure in a magical and enlightening world along with their classmates. Everyone cooperates to build a village in a democratic, sustainable and equal society.

Players also help each other find things like clothes, furniture and raw materials throughout the world, and by mastering the many minigames found all over the islands, even more rewards can be unlocked.

The game’s world is filled with these minigames, all based on a curriculum, and focusing on natural and social sciences as well as mathematics, languages and technology. Each game deals with one or two subjects, acquainting the player with terminology and offering insight.

We know gaming as well as learning

Cloud Islands is being developed by Ludosity Learning, a team of experienced game designers, with the help of teachers and the advice of Peter Gärdenfors, professor of cognitive science. The goal is an entertaining product based on the curriculum of Swedish schools.

The main purpose of the game is to boost the motivation to learn and to be inclusive of students that for one reason or another is not always able to participate in the classroom. This gives everyone the opportunity to understand how a society works. The game can also help free up time for the teacher to spend with each student individually.


On top of the floating islands are scattered little games for the players to find. These combine entertainment and education, teaching students various aspects of the subjects from the curriculum. By successfully completing tasks in these minigames, players earn money for their avatars, which is used in the mutual society.


Stop the stone golems by building towers and enhancing them with mathematical upgrades!

Power Tower sees the player protecting a mine from stone golems by building defense towers. These can be upgraded with mathematical functions.

The game is about analysing situations and variables to determine what functions are best suited to the scenario at hand and how those should be used. Is is better to use the function that depends on the number of fired shots than to use the one based on the number of enemies left? Is it better to use increase the rate or the impact of the fire?

Physics and technology

Try out different combinations and get your rocket as far out in space as possible! The higher it gets, the more parts you get access to. You might even reach the ISS.

In Space Rocket, the player’s goal is to reach the International Space Station (ISS) by building a space rocket. Experimentation is the key to getting one’s rocket as far as possible. How many sections can you use before it gets to heavy? What set of engines are the best fit?


Pocket Plants is about helping plants claim a plot of land before other plants do!

It’s all about speed and strategy: the plants constantly struggle for space and resources such as water, carbon dioxide and sunlight. Through photosynthesis resources are transformed into sugar, which enables special abilities that help the plants dominate the board.

More minigames

In addition to these three, the world of Cloud Islands offers even more minigames, and we are constantly developing new exciting and instructive challenges. Why not dive straight into the human body in our game Blood Patrol, or step into the shoes of a merchant travelling through history in Trading Company? No matter which one you choose, motivation and the joy of learning will always be in focus.